About me

Hello. My name is Piotr. I have been involved in photography since I was ten. A long time. Maybe it’s even better not to say how long but at the time when I was taking my first photographic steps such men of genius as Mappletrophe were climbing the height of their fame. The rules in my family house were simple. If you are interested in something you have to know the basics. There were books, albums, gradual knowledge acquisition. I learnt about light, shade, emotions. Fascination did not disappear. Occasionally, it would flicker out to be reborn again. Initially, there were shots which would in time be replaced with more thought-out pictures. At the end of the 1990s the fascination with digital photography appeared. It wasn’t for long, though. Deep inside I felt a yearning for the smell of a film, chemicals, the desire to be in an olive green or red room. Childhood cameras, Smiena and Certo were replaced by Mamiya RZ67 pro, the queen was soon joined by princess Ercona II and then by Yashica D, the concubine. These girls are good and reliable, especially that they deal in many different ways with my favourite middle format. The pursuit of an ideal workshop resulted in such an exhaustion that five years ago I gave up photography. The tail I was biting hurt so much that I couldn’t come up with a reasonable picture. A few years of observations and reflections led to a comeback but in a different form. More mature but not paying so much attention to the technical side. The man has now become the mainstream of my work. The man with his emotions, feelings, identity and his own truth. During my sessions I try to direct the portrayed person in such a way that the subject emerges from the object, the subject that would offer the receiver something more than just a beautiful model photoshopped in the centrefold of some colourful magazine.
What do I do? I take portraits of people, living and beautiful in their inbeing. Age, sex, colour, sexual orientation or religion do not matter. What counts in my photos are people, their emotions, their desires, their love.
Who am I? I am a veterinary surgeon, a husband, a father, a friend, probably also an enemy. I am a man who wants people to be tolerant and not to build unnecessary barriers and confines. This is what I want to show in my pictures.
Welcome to my world.  

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